Free Helper Toolbars

Not technically software - a bookmarklet is a small helper link that allows you to easily search for coupon and reward offers for the site you are currently on by clicking on the bookmarklet. To install - simply drag the following link to your firefox, safari or opera toolbar or right click and add to favorites in internet explorer then whenever you are shopping online simply click on the link to jump to search results for that merchant on

Fav Check RewardsDB

*Note: the URL structure of certain merchant sites may mean that the RewardsDB bookmarklet does not automatically take you to the correct merchant. If this is the case, simply run a search as normal for the merchant name or primary URL.

Recommended Toolbars
There are many many toolbars available - some helpful, some bad, some downright dangerous. Most toolbars require Internet Explorer in a Windows environment to operate although some do work with Firefox.
One of the original toolbars. Provides site information and statistics as well as a pop-up blocker and anti-phishing features. By installing the toolbar you also help support the continued development of RewardsDB.
Compete offers a competing service to Alexa, offering site traffic ratings, trust scores, and profile information. By installing this toolbar you will also help support the continued development of RewardsDB.
The new Yahoo! Toolbar Custom buttons, built in anti-spyware.
Other Toolbars
Several other toolbars may be of interest including those provided by Google and Microsoft (Live Toolbar, Live Search Club Toolbar).
Non-Recommended Toolbars
Take great care with installing other toolbars. Special care should be taken with toolbars offered by any rewards program - these can be very helpful in reminding you to earn a reward however they often interfere with reward credit to competitor programs. If you choose to install a rewards program toolbar, ensure you have an alternative browser installed (firefox for instance) and make sure that you use that alternative browser when shopping through any other rewards portal.