Free Click to Donate Charity Sites

There are many programs currently available that provide funding for various charities when visitors click on a button and view 1 or more ads. In less that 5 minutes a day (not including time spent playing the FreeRice game which is quite addictive) you can provide funding to support the environment via carbon offsets or land preservation, and help people in need via food aid, medical care, education, and microloans - all at no cost other than the few minutes each day you spend clicking the links.
The Hunger Site
Click Image to Visit
The Hunger Site (provides approx 1.1 cups of food to the hungry per click)
The Breast Cancer Site (provides free mammograms to women in need)
The Child Health Site (provides healthcare to children in need)
The Literacy Site (helps children attain literacy)
The Rainforest Site (protects approx 11.4 square feet of rainforest per click)
The Animal Rescue Site (provides approx 0.6 bowls of food to rescued animals)
South American Rain Forest (protects approx 70 sq ft per click)
Reduce Pollution (offsets approx 2 lbs of CO2 per click)
Protect Endangered Species (protects approx 16.5 sq ft of habitat in Mexico, 0.4 sq ft in Canada, and 2 sq ft in Scotland per click)
United States Wilderness (Protect approx 0.05 sq ft of reef habitat and 0.4 sq ft of mountain habitat per click)
Race to stop Global Warming (offsets approx 1 pound of carbon per click)
Race for the Rain Forest (Protects approx 7.4 square feet of Rainforest, American Prairie or Marine Wetlands per click)
Race to save Baby Seals (supports TV campaigns to build public pressure against Canada's seal hunt)
Race for the Oceans (help save the worlds oceans)
Race for the Big Cats (help protect Tiger, Jaguar, or Snow Leopard habitat)
Race for the Primates (help support the Jane Goodall Institute)
Race for Children in Need (help support 14 needy children)
Race for Pets in Need (help reduce unwanted cat and dog litters)
Race to stop violence against women
Climb to prevent Breast Cancer (provides approx $0.005 to the Breast Cancer Fund)
Save a Rainforest
Feed Chimps
Click to help plant a tree (funds approx 1/5 of a tree planted to help restore the Niagara Natural Heritage Corridor program in Canada)
A Click For The Forest (preserve 2.75 sq decimetres of old growth forest in Sweden)
Click to Donate (raises money to support the Surry Wildlife Trust (UK)
Donate Freely (provides 0.05 euro cents to create jobs and scholarships to bridge the digital divide)
Click to Donate (provides microloan funding to help small business owners in developing countries)
Give a Minute (provides funding for 1 minute of healthcare for a Patient in the Tarahumara Children's Hospital in Mexico)
Click on the puppet (helps feed hungry children in Poland)
Donate Free Food (donates a ration of food to a hungry child in Argentina per click)
Fight Hunger (donates one cup of free food to fight hunger)
Help end world hunger
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Play Free Rice vocab game (donates 20 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program for each correct answer)
Use a free email address (preserve 5 sq ft of Rainforest for each email sent)
Sign up for free junk mail reduction service from Green Dimes (plant a tree + reduce paper waste)
Special Interest Sites
Provides Bibles to 'persecuted' christians worldwide.
Sites With Uncertain Current Status
Click to Cure Cancer
Click to stop HIV