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Advanced Search

Search Features.

The search feature looks for stores/merchants by name to find available rewards.

What characters are valid search terms?

Only letters and numbers are included in search results. Non alpha numeric characters are not included in the database. Use the following as a guide.

  • .com etc is dropped from the name of all stores/merchants
  • & is stored as "and" in all records and is always spaced as a proper word (so "J&R" should be searched as "J and R"
  • all other special characters should be removed

Why doesn't my search return a result?

The search feature uses the full name of the merchant to find the best match. If your search doesn't find the store you are interested in try the following options:

  • Search for only one word in the name of the store (eg "Barnes" instead of "Barnes and Noble")
  • Try searching with different spacing - sometimes internet merchants do not use spaces between words that form part of their name
  • Try searching for the first 3 letters of the name only. This will initiate a simple search that may produce more results.
  • If you know the first part of the merchant name try searching with "bw:" in front of the word fragment. This will return results that "begin with" those letters.
  • or you can simply browse all listed merchants - List All Merchants

If you still can not find the merchant you are interested in it is likely that they simply do not offer rewards through any of the programs included in the RewardsDB database. If you know that they do partner with at least one of the listed programs please use the contact form to let us know.

Are bigger numbers always better?

The simple answer is no. RewardsDB lists rewards offered by airlines, hotels, cashback and other reward programs. In most cases the value of the points etc offered varies so that 1 point in one program does not equal 1 point in another program. Read the information on the rewards site as well as in the reviews section of this site.

How do I know these offers are all up to date?

RewardsDB uses a range of automated and human managed processes to stay up to date. Rewards programs change offers frequently however, and at times the details listed on this site may be slightly out of date. Please let us know of any out of date offers you notice and we will update as soon as possible.